How to spot a closet homosexual

Have you ever wondered how you know a person is homosexual? Are you one of the people whose gay radar is offline? Well don’t you worry about a thing cause closet homosexuals usually goes under another more public name, REPUBLICANS!

That’s right folks you heard right. The more anti gay rights the republican is the more homosexual he or she will be. If the republican is a minister as well or member of some committee protecting morals and ethic don’t look no further he is as gay as you get! Before you know it he will run off to the nearest public toilet with a dick up his ass and a crack pipe in his mouth whistling zipididoda.

 So there you go. Be sure to tune in for next week’s blog. How to spot a closet drawer.

svd DN

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3 kommentarer till How to spot a closet homosexual

  1. glindaTHEFabulous?yesMe skriver:

    The definitive closet case – right here. Not sure why everyone made a big deal about some guy who had to repress himself so much, he lashed out at crocodiles and snakes and sting rays his whole life… Don’t see the big deal. RIP…


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